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Some examples found in the field

This drawing is in a bunker for an anti-tank gun. It shows two pre-sited positions at the entrance of the harbour Le Croisic, St Nazaire, France.

  • The lighthouse (left) is at 950 meters and at 5.560 Strich.
  • The beacon (right) at 1.400m, 5.610 Strich.

(note: anti-tank guns in harbours were used to engage landingcraft)

One can also find aiming directions directly above a weapon.

This MG cupola of a 112 neu in Margival, France, shows the main firing sector of each position. 4.345 Strich is translated to the traditional notation as:
- 258 degrees, 45 minutes. (west-south-west, western)

Found in a 632 in Skagen, Denmark. The end of the circle, 0 equals 6.400 mills.

The additional pencil marking says "Leuchtturm", lighthouse. It lies at 2.065 Strich.

An other note at 2.754 Strich. Hard to decipher what it says.

The full circle.