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10x45 Richtfernrohr

Firecontrol in anti aircraft batteries was provided by rangefinders and computing units. In case of the Kommandohilfsgerät 35, both units were seperated and both used the 10x45. The rangefinder had two pairs of 10x45. One for following the target in the horizontal plain, the other verticaly. The rangfinders belonging to the Kommandogerät 36 also used the 10x45 in pairs.

The standard version.

This 10x45 has a sunfilter and a second blind eyecup for comfort. The reticle can be adjusted with the standard spanner as used in many optics.

"10x45 für Kdo H Gerät 35".

There is a second version. In this case the small knob on top changes the sunfilters in the colours white, green and red.

Designation "Richtfernrohr 3./F.St". The connector for the illumination of the reticle is closed.

Both 10x45 in one shot.