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The designation Sehrohr (periscope) is found for different kinds of applications. Well known are the periscopes used in U-boats.

These masters of optics are no subject here. We however close in to the periscopes used in fortifications.


This model is the common periscope used in bunkers. A carrying box contained all the needed parts. For use under extra thick concrete (3.5 meter) an extension pipe was added. Archives also give an SR-10.

Several parts of a SR-9 are shown here in the original carrying case.

The head seen in detail.

SR-4 and 4a

This thin periscope was used as a replacement set for the larger observation periscopes. It was also used in the "Kleinstglocke" which have a central opening, such as the 486P2 and the 749P3 series. We also think that these periscopes have been used in the Czech Mg-cupolas.

Here is a "4" in the original box.

Here is a set of two, one has an extra extension tube.

The left one is marked S.R. 3-5.

This is a regular "4a". This series needs more study.