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Stp Höhe 145

Stp Höhe 145 is the best preserved Flak battery of the island. It is partly built to fortress standard. It could cover the whole north-eastern part of the island, either against aerial attacks or attacks from sea and land. Six 8.8 cm Flak 36 guns were placed here of which three on L 401 bunkers. The other three were placed on emplacements only. The naval rangefindingbunker dominates the skyline here.

St bunkers built here:

  • 2 x 668
  • 3 x L 401
  • 2 x L 409A (one demolished)
  • 1 x SK rangefindingtower MP3

The L 401s are beautiful examples of this type and are all different on the in- and outside.

Stp Höhe 145, Mannez Garenne, Alderney

Overview of the 88 mm Flak battery.