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After their survey on Jersey, the Festung Pionier Stab XIV realised that the steep valleys were interesting locations to store ammunition, workshops, foodstuffs and armor in underground tunnels. No bomb would penetrate through 40 meters of solid rock. 16 tunnels were planned but only 2 of them were actually completed while several others were almost finished or under construction. The 'Underground Hospital' (Ho 8) is the most famous although it was never completed and actually planned as being a quarters for artillery. The hospital was set up in 1944 after D-Day but it was only sparsely used. Ho 5 near St Aubin's Harbor was completed. The old railway tunnel was extended with several tunnels. It was intended to serve as a fuel store but it was used as an ammunition store. A bicycle rent uses a part of the tunnel now and it is possible to visit it. Ho 1 near the Underground Hospital was almost completed and is in use by a mushroom farm. It is strictly forbidden to enter the tunnels as it will affect the climate and that is not very good for the mushrooms. The year 1941 and two crossed shovels are visible above the main entrance.