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Bunkertypes airdefence

The trip to Brest in 2008 was mainly to do more study on the AA defenses of this important harbour. We consulted the books, archives, publications and the measurements taken by several colleges. For the 12.8 cm batteries there are hardly any questions. The guns were all placed in emplacements of type Fl 307. In Brest two batteries had the 12.8 guns, unfortunately we were unable to visit them.

Fl 307 in the battery Kerbel, Lorient.

The situation for the emplacements for the 10.5 cm, single or double barrel, is more complex. We have found no emplacements that are similar to the ones that are built in other naval ports. This type was once identified as type Fla 14.

A Fla 14 in Vlissingen, the Netherlands.

The 10.5 gun varieties can also be placed in a Fl 243 or a Fl 243a. This bunkertype was, as far as our findings go, not used in Brest. However Brest has a derivation of the Fl243a. It does also have a close combat defense, but this Scharte is placed at an other position. The plan of this bunker can not be found in the archives, not even in the later discovered archive of the KM-Regelbauten. The bunkertype has been subject at several Atlantikwall forums. Three leading specialists have confirmed that this type can be designated as the Fl 234b, with the lowercase "b". So we follow them.

A Fl 243b in Kerognan, Brest.

Last but not least we found other big emplacements, which are from an early date in the war. In our datasheet they are noted as "Vf".

Vf emplacement in Kerdéniel, Brest.