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This parts covers the inland strongpoints between Zuydcoote en Calais.

  • Stp Arnika lies at north-east of Ghyvelde.
  • Stp Blei can be found north-west of Ghyvelde.
  • Stp Brassen is at Leffrinckoucke Village.
  • Stp Döbel is at Uxem.
  • Stp Delphin is the battery at Téteghem.
  • Stp Dorade is along the D 2 from Coudekerque to Téteghem.
  • Stp Dorsch is nearby Fort de Castelnau in that same village.
  • Stp Distel lies in the village of Coudekerque.
  • Stp Simon is nearby Grand Millebrugge.