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Marseille area

Marseille was and still is the most important harbour of the southcoast. Heavy industries are the main sight here along the coast. The Germans used this city as one of their U-Boot bases for the Mediterranean. This made the place quite a strategic one which boosted the bunker building. The bay was covered by several batteries of which one heavy 24 cm M02-06 (f) battery, on the Île de Ratoneau, placed in S 542 emplacements. On the same island a 15.5 cm K416 (f) battery was built to fortress standards. The center of the city was defended by lots of Panzerturrets. Lots of crewbunkers were built too. As with every other city lots of bunkers disappeared due to the city's growth. However between houses on street corners you can still find some interesting buildings.

Marseille, Südwall

Guardhouse near the U-Boot base.