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Landrézac is situated on the southern peninsula of the "Golfe du Morbihan". In a villaparc two bunkers remain. This strongpoint has Va 51 for its designation.

The armoured plate for the main weapon of this bunker for Mg, type 105c, is still present.

So is the observation cupola.

The inscriptions on the cupola. The numbers are the same as those on the cupola at Malouine in St Malo. Only the serialnumber differs. (44 versus 51)

In front of the 105c there is a second bunker. After study on the layout and the tactical situation we thought it to be a bunker for 5 cm KwK, type 653, built in mirror image. The conformation was given by mr E. Langeo. Note the small addition to the tobruk which is a cupola in plastic.