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Ørland lies in front of the entrance to the Trondheimsfjorden and thus was of great importance. It closed off the entrance towards Trondheim with its U-Boot base and headquarters. Ørland's flat lands were also perfect grounds for a military airfield. Today, the airfield is still in use and jet fighters come and go here. The most important naval battery in the area is also located here. The Gneisenau triple 28cm turret was built on a rock near Austrått in the south west. Its huge Leitstand was also located on higher grounds at Lerberen, more north. Twelve other batteries, both army and naval ones, were situated around the entrance to the Trondheimsfjorden. Around the airfield are four heavy Flak batteries and scattered over the peninsula are infantry defences, usually at crossroads or road blocks.
Henk Adriaanse made a major contribution in 2015.

main, Ørland

The flat and fertile lands of the Ørland peninsula.