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Batterie Annes

Armed with four times 15cm SK C/28 Batterie Annes had the most modern armament of the island's batteries. The canons were mounted in open emplacements with annular passages and ammo rooms type M 153. Each emplacement had a M 151 crewbunker next to it. A fifth M 151 was built near the M 120 and gave shelter to the firecontrol crew. The grenades were stocked in two M 145 ammunitionbunkers and a rare M 131 generatorbunker delivered the power needed to operate the battery. Marine Peilstand 6 was projected near the battery but was never built. Additional weapons were 6 x 20 mm Flak, 3 x 20cm Flak Vierling, a 7.5cm Lag and several smaller arms. Two 150 cm searchlights were located on each side of the battery in field order emplacements. The battery was manned by the MAA 206. All the St bunkers are still there and most of them are open and in a very good condition. Every emplacement is unique with its own instructional texts inside and camouflage outside. A group M 151 in this shape is hard to find elsewhere in the Atlantikwall. The M 120 does not have its steel turrets anymore but is still in a reasonable condition and has an interesting entrance. Sister batteries were built near Les Landes, on Jersey (Bt Moltke) and Guernsey (Bt Steinbruch) but the first one is only partly accessible and the second one has been demolished for the biggest part.

Batterie Annes, Giffoine, Braye Bay, Alderney

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