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Longis Bay

Longis Bay is a wide sandy beach with the high cliffs of Essex Hill on the west and the rocky shore in the east. In front of the bay lies the small Fort Raz which was adapted by the Germans and named Wn Eilandfeste. Two 670s were built here together with a searchlight shelter which could support both casemates. The beach has been closed off by the enormous Panzermauer 1. In the center of the wall a Mg position is integrated. A flanking casemate for 4.7 cm Festung Pak 36 (t) is integrated near the western end of the wall. The wall itself ends at the Nunnery, a small fort which foundations date back to the time of the Romans. A derivation of a 501 personnel bunker lies inside the fort's walls. Several MG positions are located on top of and inside the old walls. On the southside of the fort they built a Vf box for 4.7 cm Festung Pak 36 (t). Further along the coast to the west one comes across Wn Unteressex which has been built around the Victorian battery Longis Lines. Several MG positions are located here and a two-way searchlightbunker is the only substantial Vf bunker.

Longis Bay, Alderney

Panzermauer 1.