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Saline Bay

Saline Bay has a sandy beach which is covered by Stp Türkenburg with a 10.5 cm and 7.5 cm and Wn Dohlenfeste with a 4.7 cm FPak. A 10.5 cm at Stp Josephsburg could also fire at this bay. A tankwall leads from the 676 at Dohlenfeste to the Platte Saline battery but it is mostly covered with sand. At Wn Dohlenfeste enthusiastics are renovating a Unterstand WaKoFest and digging up the original trenches. The bunker will be open to public in the near future.

Saline Bay, Alderney

View of the bay with the wall and even some Tetraeder sticking out of the sand. In the background on the left Fort Grosnez (Stp Josephsburg) and on the right Fort Doyle (Wn Dohlenfeste).