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Wn Perleberg

Wn Perleberg was positioned halfway the Perelle Bay. It's strange mixture of a regular infantery defence point and a light Luftwaffe Flak battery. It was manned by the 8./292 Flakregiment with a 2cm Flak battery. The absolute highlight here is the L 414A. A Luftwaffe bunker designed for airfield defence. In this case it was used as a regular enfilading gun bunker. We are not sure yet which gun was used inside the bunker. It could be a 5 cm KwK or even a 2 cm Flak, the weapon which officially should be in a L 414A. Together with another example at Wn Gabelsberg it is the only example known in the entire Atlantikwall. Another rarity is the Unterstand WaKoFest with a Flak emplacement built half on top of it.

The 422P01 entrance defence plate of the L 414A.