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Rocquaine Bay

This bay had a suitable beach for an allied landing. Seven Wn defended Rocquaine butonly the substantial ones survive. Starting at the north of the bay we will visit the impressive Wn Grüne Düne, the highlight of this bay. Passing Fort Grey where a 3,7 cm Pak gun was placed, we reach the former Wn Kaiserhof next to the Imperial Hotel. A 670 is buried at the carpark. Two entrances in the cliffs near the road lead to a little tunnel system. A searchlight was positioned on top of this personnel shelter. All the other Wn in this area comprised of some field order works and no relics survive today. Wn Grüne Düne was the primary defence position of the bay and consisted of:

  • 2 x Casemate for 4.7cm Festung Pak 36 (t)
  • 1 x 4-S WaKoFest
  • 1 x Unterstand WaKoFest
  • some VF works

The gunbunkers are linked by a huge anti-tank wall.

The Victorian Fort Grey in the middle of the bay. (Photo: Kevin Lajoie)