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Batterie Todt

This is Stp Saitenspiel, number 186, but far beter known as the battery Todt. At first called Bt Siegfried, after the nickname of the installed coastal guns. They are of the same type as the main armament on the German battleships Bismarck,Tirpitz and a planned class O. They were however, specially changed by Krupp for use in several A-Wall coastal batteries. (see Armament and armour in our top-menu) The construction of the casemates started in August 1940. The casemates were from origine designed with a massive hood. The roof and walls are made in 3.5 m reinforced concrete. Turm I is a museum, Turm II lies in the forest, is closed up, Turm III was heavily damaged by an incident in August 1945, but the Queen will always be Turm IV. Over the years she has changed her appearance. The removal of the soil from the solid concrete protection against low incoming grenates in front, is the latest change. The filling-up of the stairway-down with concrete, was done earlier and strictly done for safety reasons. It's sad to see that too much vandalists have found this bunker and destroyed most of the frescos and decorations inside Turm IV. We visited Todt during several years and whenever we are in the neighboorhood, we pay her our attention. She is for sure one of the highlights in the entire Atlanticwall.

Turm IV at the end of another day.