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Avranches, bridges at Pontaulbault

US general Patton's forces reached Avranches not before the end of July 1944. According to the original timetable this action should have taken place on the 26th of June. Some distance more in the south, the bridges over the river Sélune at Pontaubault were important to get out of the pocket. Montgomery was still fighting the Germans in the north and the allies had to get out of Normandy/Cotentin. The US infantry conquered the road bridge on the 1th of August and Pattons Shermans could at last advance in the direction of Brittany.

The museum in Avranches has a diorama showing the American tanks on the bridge.

The bridge in September 2002.

The information stone at the south side of the bridge.

The old railway bridge is out of commission now. Pattons troops tried to get over it at first, but strong German mobile forces stopped the attack.