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Vregny area

Vregny lies about 3.5 km south of Margival. Just like Mailly, it has one Grossbunker, in this case thought to be the shelter for the Reichsführer-SS, Heinrich Himmler and his staff. The bunker stands next to a nice 1920s château, which was used by the staff during the day. The village of Vregny lies on a high plateau surrounded by deep valleys. These were defended by twenty Tobruks which were part of a vast network of trenches and other field defences. Crew were housed in three 501s, three 621s and the infantery headquarters was a high positioned 622. All of the St bunkers are covered nowadays. Some Tobruks can be traced although heavily overgrown. The Grossbunker lies in the garden of the Château which houses a bed & breakfast. Be sure to ask permission before entering the bunker. On the west side of the village one can find two German Great War casemates for field artillery. The steep slopes in the woods nearby are littered with trenches, dugouts and bomb craters from the same time.

Tipper wagon

Wartime tipper wagon used during the building process. Or maybe just an old wagon for the many mines in the region.