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Festung Duinkerken

Although Duinkerken (Dunkirk, Dunkerque, Dunkirchen) has changed a lot since the war there're still many interesting bunkers to be found. Unfortunately the area around the harbour has changed dramatically. The entire coastline was rearranged in the 1960s so dunes disappeared for water and old docks became land again. Consequently it's hard to see the strategic ideas behind the position of bunkers today. We use the St├╝tzpunkt names in use around March 1944.

Duinkerken became a Festung on 20 January 1944. Around February 1944, 1852 men of different branches occupied the Festung. Around September 1944 Allied forces surrounded the city. Experiences from earlier attacks on Festungen (for example in Brest and Boulogne-sur-Mer) proved that attacking these fortresses meant a lot of casualties. Capturing the port of Antwerpen became a bigger priority and the city of Duinkerken was sieged by the 1st Czechoslovak Armoured Brigade. The siege lasted until the end of the war when Festung commander Admiral Friedrich Frisius surrendered on 9 May 1945.

Tiny concrete guard house in the area.