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St Marcouf, battery Crisbeq

This battery (3./H.K.A.A. 1261), Wn 135, caused many allied casualties on D-Day. Two guns in open emplacements were capable of firing directly onto Utah and even at Omaha beach. Two bunkers type 683 were completly finished. They are built in "A", which means that the thickness of the walls and roof are in 3.5 meters of concrete. The four guns were built by Skoda, type 21 cm K39/41 and had a range of 33 km. We have visited the battery earlier and went back in 2003 to find the hidden concrete.

In 2004 the trees on the terrain were removed and almost all the bunkers can be visited as part of a museum so keep in mind that our pictures are from the early days and remind us how this place once looked like. The museum has its own entry in the menu.

In 2004 Normandy had a commercial facelift.