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Pointe de la Garde Quérin

Also called Feste Paulus and Ra 145. This mountain of granite had already caves made by the French. The German troops built a few standard bunkers. They coverted the mountain into a real fortress. The entrance was protected by a 6-schartenturm (removed) in bunkertype 634. Next to that you find an integrated Pak garage. The main entrance was so wide that cars could easily drive in. Opposite the 634 an extra entrancedefence was built. The east side had two Sk bunkers for 10,5 guns. The west was equipped with a 4,7 cm Pak gun in a bunkertype 676. If you want to visit this site, use a complete plan of the caves, or you will miss some details. In 1996 the west Pak-bunker type 676 was the easy way to get in, but it was closed by a steel door in 2001. This door was still present in 2007, but it was open.