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The early Landfront ran from Paramé, along La Madeleine, until the banks of the river Rance. On the opposite bank the Landfront continued at Le Minihic, followed the D64 till Pleurtuit and met the river Le Frémur at the brigde of Les Rues. From there it goes north along that river untill it meets the coast at Pointe de la Haye. Special attention was given to a possible attack from the direction of St Mont Michel. For that reason the Germans built a new Landfront which ran from St Benoit on the coast, untill La Ville-ès-Nonais at the river Rance. This defenceline had anti-tank ditches and dito walls. We follow the Landfront from St Benoit (east) towards Pointe de la Haye (west).

Waterworks controlled the river Frémur to create mighty obstacles.