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The German army had an intelligence department. The information needed came from various sources. One of these sources was the allied radiotraffic. In the early years of the war the interception station or the "Forschungstelle" was placed in Noordwijk. Due to the construction of the Atlantikwall and the hazard this brought to highly important units at the coast, the station was moved. In a park, nearby Geenhoven in Valkenswaard, a big bunker was constructed. The outside was bricked like a mansion, so it had good camouflage. The name of the station did not change: Forschungsstelle Langeveld, after the dunes in Noordwijk. The building is a monument now and is used by a foundation, that explores it as a party center and for art expositions.

At the entrance of the park stands the guardhouse. The observation slit is now used by the postman.