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The Höcker at Julianadorp aan Zee mark the end of the Landfront of Den Helder. Near the Höcker lies at least one 653. See our chapter Julianadorp. An anti-tankditch led from the Höcker to the crossroad next to the Noordhollandsch Kanaal (Blauwe Keet). This is Baupunkt 38. Only a small part of it still remains here. One can find 1 x 134, 1 x 502, 1 x 621 and a 680. A second 502 and 504 have been demolished. In the village of Julianadorp, near the old core at the crossroad, an infantery Wn was built. Here one can find, in Baupunkt 37, 1 x 621, 1 x 134 and 1 x 502. The last two bunkers were broken down in 2008. The 502 lies in a garden in the village. Nearby lies a 504 of Baupunkt 36. Along the ditch five 680s were built but only two remain of which one has been sunk. The others were demolished to make place for recreational bungalows.

View to a remaining part of the southern anti-tankditch of Festung Den Helder. Taken from the roof of a 680.