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Wijk aan Zee

The village of Wijk aan Zee can be found at the coast nearby Beverwijk, north of IJmuiden and it was part of the Festung IJmuiden. Wn 63 gave shelter to the staff of Marine Artillerie Abteilung 201 (naval artillery). A M 152 and three M 151 remain beneath and around a post-war built hotel. Today it's possible to visit these bunkers in a special tour.

A little bit south is Wn 63a which was a naval radarstation with a Mammut radar, Freya, Renner 1 and a Würzburg Riese. The Mammut radar was mounted on a huge V 143 bunker. For personnel two crew bunkers were built (621 and M 151). From the early days of the war there is a Vf for observation. In good cooperation with the authorities the foundation WOVIJ obtained permission to excavate two bunkers around the beginning 2000s. The 621 was dug out also, but after inspection, it was closed up again. It was quiet around the M 151 and V 143 until a new group of volunteers (Rondje Wijk aan Zee) are working on the bunkers again. The V 143 in specific with its many details left, is one of the highlights in the entire Atlantkwall which can be visited.

One of the four heavy naval Flakbatteries was located just south of the radar site. Marine Flakbatterie Dünenberg was built to reinforced fieldorder standard. Only the ammunition bunker is a heavy type Fl 246. It's now in private use by one of the residents of an appartment building. The Flak emplacements and fire control post are still present but buried.

A major contribution to this part of the website was made by Henk Adriaanse in 2016.

Wijk aan Zee, Noord-Holland

The covered gun emplacements of M.Fl.B. Dünenberg overlooking the steel works.