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608, Amersfoort

This was the commandbunker for the Bevollmächtigte für die Bauwirtschaft in den Niederlanden. This organisation was responsible for the transportation and stocking of building materials for the Atlantikwall and other building activities. From 1944 the Bevollmächtigte occupied the villa at Barchman Wuytierslaan 60-62.

It's a special 608, almost two times the size of a regular example.

It was reused postwar by the Bescherming Bevolking, the Dutch civil defence.

Inhouse toilets were a new addition.

Some original items remain like this gas door 19P7.

This airconditioning system is postwar as well.

A wall has been broken out.

It has much deeper rooms than a regular 608.

Wide passages lead to two rooms.