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Bataillons-Gefechtsstand Voorne

In december 2019 the complex is in danger. The local municipality gave permission to demolish the headquarters bunker (117a) and an ammunition bunker (134) which will decapitate the entire complex. A rare bunker with its observation turret (type 486P2) will be gone in the 75th year we look back to World War 2. With the last military veterans and other World War 2 eye witnesses passing away, the bunkers are one of the few visible remnants of the war and they continue to tell the story of these moving times.

The battalion headquarters was ready for use in the end of the summer of 1943. The manor house "Oleartsduyn" was in use by the commanding officer of the isle and the Volga Tatar troups from 1943. Besides these St Bauten a lot of smaller buildings were made for support, comfort and nearby defence. All the bunkers lie on several private properties and are closed to the public.

The only tobruk in this headquarters.