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Together with Batterie Oostvoorne this Stützpunkt formed Stützpunktgruppe Oostvoorne. The commanding officers of this Stp.Gr. were housed in a Ständige bunker and there were personnel bunkers for infantery reserves. Later in the war, a Wasserman MII radar was transferred from the actual Wasserman complex (Stp XXIV ML) to this location.
The following eight Regelbauten were built:

  • 1 x 501 (3601)
  • 1 x 610 (3607)
  • 1 x 612 (demolished) (3613)
  • 4 x 622 (at least 2 still remain) (3602/3603/3604/3605)
  • 1 x 625 (demolished) (3612)

Besides these St Bauten some brick buildings and Vf bunkers were built for storage and communication. An old farm was used as ammunition depot.

The German brick steps up to the Stützpunkt.