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This Stützpunkt, also known as Biber Stellung was the biggest on the island. The radarsite was equipped with two Würzburg Riese radars and a Freya radar. The information from these devices, the Wasserman radar in Stp XXII H and other radarsites in Holland was assimilated in the so called Unterstand für Funkmessgeräteauswertung (Jagd Führer) 'Bertha', L 487. The site was protected by three 3.7 cm Flak guns against air attacks on the complex. It was surrounded by field positions with mortars, flamethrowers and machine guns. A garage for Pak, type 601 and its emplacement were built near the beach in the north-western corner of the site. The bunker (L 481) for the radio guiding system 'Adcock' was also positioned within the boundries of Stp XXIII HL.
The following five Regelbauten were built:

  • 2 x L 409A (10101/10102)
  • 1 x L 481 (10104)
  • 1 x L 487 (10103)
  • 1 x 601 (3802)

Besides these St Bauten a lot of brick buildings and Vf bunkers were built for various purposes.

Sewastopol found on a guardhouse.