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The Kernwerk consisted of several strongpoints. Coming from the east we first encounter the AA-battery nearby the ancient dutch fortress De Ruyter (Wn Reseda). The AA guns were placed on the dike in now vanished Vf bunkertypes Fla 14, which had thin steel cupolas. The fortress shows the remains of a storageroom for ammunition. Going on west, we encounter a naval coastal battery (M.S.B. Kernwerk) of which only a few bunkers remaining. The Dutch built two bunkers for Mg in a steel cupola before the war (G-casemates) and the Germans did re-use them. Now we have reached the entrance of the seaharbour of Vlissingen, which was part of Stp Nettelbeck III. The most interesting bunkers here are closed up and burried, but some parts are visible. Following the harbour borders we go past Nettelbeck II (all vanished) to reach Nettelbeck I of which only one 630 is left. Nearby the canal and the former electrical powerplant Wn Heidecksburg was built. Here a bunker for Mg 634 lies underneath the surface.

Part of the Kernwerk.