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Lista is a peninsula in the southwest of Norway. The biggest town is Farsund on the eastside. The southern coast is a sandy one whilst the east and westcoast are rocky coasts. The flat land in the middle was and still is in use as an airport. It was a quite heavily fortified area with five coastal batteries. Additional photos, Henk Adriaanse, 2012.

  • MKB Lister (2 x 15cm)
  • HKB Loshavn (4 x 10.5cm)
  • HKB Marka (4 x 15cm)
  • MKB Nordberg (4 x 15cm)
  • HKB Varnes Fyr (2 x 10.5cm)

A heavy fortified Luftwaffe Flakbatterie was built at Tjørveneset and remains largely buried. One can find several headquarters around the airfield. Tankturrets can be found all over the area. At Farsund lies an interesting tunnelsystem with a 486P2 observationturret. The most interesting site must be HKB Marka with its nineteen St bunkers!

The village of Farsund seen from the north.