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HKB Marka

HKB Marka is a very interesting Heeres K├╝sten Batterie with all its Regelbauten. It has six open emplacements for the 15cm K16 guns each accompanied by a 501 and two 607s. The leitstand can be called a genuine Sonderkonstruktion! On each side of the firecontrolpost lies a rare Vf 56a with a concrete cover over the observation shaft. Some small vf bunkers complete the battery. The 501s still contain a lot of original fittings and show how a regular bunker for personnel once looked like. The Leitstand was once camouflaged as a house and still looks very good too. Although there're a lot of bunkers of the same type they all have been built in a slightly other way. Take some time for this battery!

A crumbled watertank between some seamines and concrete mixers..