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Batterie Houlgate

This battery carries the designation Vill 032. It is a sisterbattery of the one at Mont Canisy. This site reveals the ammunitionbunkers. It are derivations of bunkertype 134. The firecontrol has been transformed into an orientation point. It is very difficult terrain and many bunkers are on private property. The map designation is Butte d'Houlgate. It was armed with 6 x 155 mm K 420 (f) Schneider guns. The unit was 2./H.K.A.A. 1255. On 01-06-44 two guns were operational in their 679. Two other casemates were in planning. The four guns in open emplacements were capable of shelling Sword beach. That's why the English battleships Rammilies and Warspite fired upon this battery.

The firecontrol is of an unknown type.