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The village of Borsele lies in the south western part of Zuidbeveland. In the center is an ancient hill (Berg van Troje) which once had a castle and a moat. The 1e Abteilung 165 Artillerieregiment of the 65 Division had its HQ in and around the hill. There are two Vf bunkers hidden and there are remains of an observationpost on top. In the surrounding terrain lie two Vf for personnel and one Vf which must have been used as a hospital. The whole site has a high archeological value, so all bunkers are closed up and some of them are burried for ever in the hill.
At the coast, nearby the powerstation, in Stützpunkt Blücher and along the dike in Seydlitz, lie more Vf bunkers.

The former HQ was shortly open for research and now firmly closed and burried.