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On Noord-Beveland there were two major strongpoints which formed the defence on the eastern coast of the Veerse Gat, a former outlet to the sea. The strongpoints were called:

  • Stützpunkt Theoderich
    • Vf for personnel
    • storage made with bricks
  • Widerstandsnest Boelcke
    • 2 Vfs for personnel
    • storage made with bricks
    • tobruk
    • cablebunker, type Kabelschaltbrunnen.

The north western side of Noordbeveland is now connected with a dike to Walcheren. Start your trip here at the holidaypark De Banjaard and follow the old seadike to the south.

Above one of the entrances of the Vf in Theoderich there is an inscription. However it is not complete, so impossible to reconstruct.