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The former island Schouwen-Duiveland stood under the command of Infanterie Bataillon II./743, Infanterie Regiment 743 (Steenbergen), 719 Infanterie Division (Dordrecht) of 88 Armeekorps (Hilversum). A part of it was called Stützpunktgruppe Schouwen. But we start with some bunkers outside this Stp Gr. The major strongpoints in the Stp Gr Schouwen are:
  • The naval coastal battery M.S.B. Renesse
  • The army coastal battery H.K.B. Haamstede
  • The naval coastal battery M.S.B. Westenschouwen
  • The park Slotbos in Haamstede as the HQ for the regiment
  • Baupunkt 337 Stp. XXXXIII, Flugplatz, which has many supporting bunkers.

Present situation:

  • All coastal batteries are gone or lie fully covered in the dunes
  • The battalion HQ is still complete, but lies mainly on private property. It can be found in the city of Haamstede at the mansion Slot Haamstede.
  • The supporting bunkers around the airfield are still there, but especially those in the dunes are very hard to find.

We thank Henk Adriaanse, Sjarel de Kraker, Ruud Murk, Huub Waverijn (i.m.) and Lex Weijerman for the help with this study.

A tower for observation or logistic, stands along the road in Baupunkt 337 in Haamstede.