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28 cm SK L/40

Originaly designed for the old "Deutschland" class pre-Dreadnought ships, but in WW-2 only used in coastal batteries. In this configuration the maximum range of this oldest 28 cm was 25 kilometers. It was the last gun that used a powder bag in one piece. Later guns had a pre-ignition charge and a main charge.

Battery Location Turrets Bunkertype Remarks
Kibergneset Hammingsberg, Norway 3 - 1 open  
Oskarsborg Larvik, Norway 3 - 1 open  
Graf Spee west of Brest, France 4 - 1 1 x Sk and 3 x open  

The only built Sk-casemate in the battery "Graf Spee".

The gun in a turret on a battleship.